pumpkinchannel asked,

omg... what even... xD

This is a thing, yes it is.

Krissy/Hoist/Lily 2.0

Krissy/Hoist/Lily 2.0

fauxboy asked,

I honestly can't believe this is a thing. XDD

It’s a thing, Faux. Believe it.



Beware, there’s a wolf on the prowl (Wolf!Bonnie/Yin)

Beware, there’s a wolf on the prowl (Wolf!Bonnie/Yin)

Chocolate (Becca/Kemi)

There is a harsh, tugging sensation.

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Wolfie Bonnie/Yin

Wolfie Bonnie/Yin

Alliance Ficlets (Grace/Becca’s boobs)

Grace bit her lip. Becca’s giant breasts were in her face, taunting her. Grace wanted to bite them, show Becca she couldn’t just rub them in her face like that. Of course, Becca was straddling Grace at the moment, rubbing ice cream on her back; it was an attempt to cool her off. The cold both relaxed Grace and seemed to fuel the fire raging inside Grace. How did she get such big ones? Some people were just lucky.

Alliance Ficlets (Grace/Rafa)

Grace sighed. She couldn’t believe she liked this fool. She looked off to the side, watching Rafa talk amicably with her brother. Stupid giants. Rubbing their tallness in her face. And Rafa always had his habit of making fun of her chest. Argh, he was infuriating. But…he was always will to do anything to please her. Anything. And that’s what kept her coming back to him. She called him towards her and he walked towards her with Robin-like eagerness. She smirked, beckoning him towards her with her finger. She pointed down, he kneeled. She pet him, then lifted his chin up with her index finger. There was the collar that showed she belonged to him. Grace moved into Rafa’s face, kissing him deeply. Rafa made a noise of approval, and reciprocated happily. While they were kissing, Grace hooked a finger in Rafa’s collar, and yanked it back, causing their kiss to break.

"Ah ah, solo cuando lo quiero." She purred, and Rafa made a noise similar to that of a dog’s whine. An interesting relationship these two had, but it worked for them, so who was to judge?

Alliance Ficlets (Krissy/Rafa) (3)

He reclined in his chair, stretching out the kinks in his back. Writing all this fanfiction was so taxing on his physical and mental health. And sometimes it seemed they didn’t even appreciate it the way he wanted them to. Some days he wondered if they even liked his stories at all.

Sighing again, he jumped in surprise when a small pair of hands started kneading at his shoulders. “Whatcha writin, babbu?” Krissy asked him, resting her chin on top of his head. They both remained silent as she skimmed over the latest paragraph. “……”

"What?" Rafa asked, nervously hovering one finger over the "backspace" key.